To support KMUTT Water Conservation Policy, KMUTT has followed KMUTT Green Purchasing Guideline by making a simple change to use water saving products such as water taps, showerheads and toilet water savers. By using water more efficiently, KMUTT can help preserve water supplies, save money, and protect the environment.

KMUTT has been changed the water taps and showerheads to water saving product since 2005 and completely installed in all building in the year 2016. According to KMUTT Purchasing Guideline. Furthermore, 163 water-saving showerheads and 442 water-saving toilets were installed in new building constructed in all KMUTT campuses, referring to KMUTT purchasing guideline during 2013-2016.The water-saving appliance installation plays such important role in water conservation as the university can reduce piped water usage over 50,000 cu.m. per year.

Policy Goal:

Reduce pipe water usage 50 % by 2030 compared to the 2003 baseline


In the year 2018 Piped water usage in KMUTT = 287,888.00 cu.m with 11.77 cu.m/capita/yr. The pipe water usage decreasing 4.25 % from 2017 baseline and decreasing 50.52 % compare to 2003 baseline