Electronic waste known as E-scrap, Electronic-disposal,E-wasteis the disposal of electrical and electronic devices. “Electronic waste” includes items such as computers, servers, mainframes, monitors, CDs, printers, scanners, copiers, calculators, fax machines, battery cells, cellular phones, transceivers, TVs, medical apparatus and electronic components besides white goods such as refrigerators and air-conditioners. Electronic waste can pose environmental and health risks from exposure to lead, mercury and other heavy metals if improperly disposed. KMUTT aims to reduce these risks by providing a safe way to get rid of these materials. KMUTT join the WEEE project of Pollution control department of Thailand. In this project, KMUTT promote all students and staff to return the E-waste to university and then deliver to PCD for proper management.

Goal: 100% of E-waste in KMUTT is in proper management.

Current Status: In 2023, 100% of Electronic Waste in KMUTT is in proper management with PCD supported. KMUTT collected more than 570 pieces of unused electrical and electronic equipment with 1,450 Kg to send PCD for proper treatment and disposal.

  • PCD – Pollution Control Department
  • WEEE – Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment