KMUTT has been listed in the World Ranking of various institutions owing to its outstanding research and advancements in science and technology. For example,
according to THE World University Rankings, KMUTT is the only Thai university that was ranked in the world’s top 400 universities for three consecutive years from 2012 to Its Engineering and Technology Program has also been ranked first in Thailand for two consecutive years in 2018-2019. In the meanwhile, all ranking institutions rank KMUTT as one of the top 10 universities in Thailand. Regarding the academic services to society, KMUTT has collaborated with external parties in all sectors on knowledge and technology transfer in order to solve problems of communities, societies, and the country. These include the “University to Community and Society” projects that have been continuously conducted for more than 36 years since 1982. Moreover, various volunteering activities are organized using the community and society as a classroom called “Social Labs”. These social labs serve as the source of learning for both students and faculty members, while simultaneously offering benefits to the community and society in terms of development and problem-solving.

KMUTT focuses on high-impact research in such a manner that not only knowledge and skills gained from the research could support the personal development and the student’s learning, but research results could also address the needs of all sectors, such as the government, the society, and the industrial sector. The Research, Innovation and Partnership Office is created to manage and handle research and innovation. It is tasked with the responsibility of setting rules and guidelines for the establishment of research clusters, research laboratories, and mechanisms to strengthen research groups by inviting visiting professors, distinguished visiting professors, and post-doctoral fellowships from abroad. It is also in charge of procuring collective advanced research equipment in order to support the teaching and learning, and research. Furthermore, an international advisory panel for research called the International Research Advisory Panel (IRAP) is established with an objective to significantly enhance the quality of research.

KMUTT has carried out various activities with an aim to promote collaboration with the industrial sector. The university has a total of 67 of both existing and new partnerships, including Betagro Public Company Limited, IRPC Public Company Limited, and the Siam Cement Public Company Limited. KMUTT also encourages researchers to work with enterprises in real sectors through the Talent Mobility project, which aims to facilitate joint research projects between the public and private sectors. It acts as one of the coordination centers that supply researchers, corresponding to the needs of enterprises. The resulting research results have been continuously applied to real-world situations and contexts. In addition, the Hatch Center is established to promote entrepreneurial concepts and skills to students. The center, which administers business incubation at the student level, organizes entrepreneurialrelated activities and training as well as selects teams of students to participate in events where students can develop and commercialize their products.

KMUTT has focus on integrated sustainable concept into curriculum, also provide scholarship for Energy and Environmental study with more than ten years. This contribute our students and staff understanding on the complex issue of sustainability which related to climate change adaptation and mitigation, energy conservation, renewable energy, waste management, water management and green transportation. By transforming our campuses to be an ideal environment, its developing awareness and innovative solutions to students. KMUTT provides a huge range of support for research staff, ranging from help finding funding, to career advice, to guidance for new principal investigators which related to 7 topics including with 

(1) Bioeconomic

(2) Smart Manufacturing and Construction

(3) Sustainable Energy and Environment

(4) Sustainable Mobility

(5) Smart Healthcare

(6) Digital Transformation

(7) Innovative and Creative Learning Society.

KMUTT is committed to conducting high quality research, development and innovation to obtain their high impacts on both the economy and society. One of the strategies under the KMUTT Research Strategic Plan is to focus on collective research and use multidisciplinary skills to solve problems and research problems that exist today. There are 7 main strategic research themes as our focus.

All 7 main strategic research themes are implemented in ways to achieve long-term sustainability. Undoubtedly, sustainability is interdisciplinary. Most faculty members and students can integrate it into their research in a way that well aligns with their interests.

Some of our research centers focusing on sustainability are:

Advanced Fuel Processing Laboratory (AFPL)

Advanced Greenhouse Gas and Aerosol Research Laboratory (AGAR)

Tropical Climate System Modeling Laboratory (TCSM)

Building Energy Science and Technology laboratory (BEST)

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment Laboratory (LCSAL)

Energy and Environmental Policy Laboratory (EEPL)


All Publications, the average 3 year per 315  publications on environment and sustainability published that arrange by KMUTT.


KMUTT supports both internal and external sustainability scholarships for students in terms of study and research.

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