Limitation of Car Usage & Car Pool Promotion

According to KMUTT transportation policy, the limit on both private vehicle driving and parking area have been implemented since 2015. Even though, our campus either offering additional bicycle services (parking, repair shop and facilities) or providing public transport (EV shuttle bus), but some group of people still need using private car for travel. For this reason, more than 15 conventional car parking area around campus are cancel and replace with vertical car parking facility where provide more parking in less space (400 cars). These have been done to ensure a modal shift from private car to sustainable transportations (bus, van, bike, walk) which can improve quality of life and health. KMUTT aims to reduce the environmental impacts, initiates a sustainable traffic policy, and master plan improvement in order to limit the use of private car. For car pooling benefits, it reduces fuel costs with  more environmental friendly and sustainable transportation , reduces GHGs emissions, traffic congestion, and parking spaces reduction.

Goal : 32% reduction in car parking area by 2024 compared to 2010 baseline

Current Status : In 2023, 14.91 % reduction in car parking area in KMUTT