Safe Drinking Water Program

According to water conservation which related to health & safety issues in drinking water. KMUTT Water Conservation Policy is committed to achieve safe drinking water and clean wastewater in campus by 2020. Safe Drinking water program has been set up to support this policy and KMUTT Water Conservation Program since 2007. Safe Drinking water program in KMUTT focus on Drinking water quality which sampling from all drinking water filling stations including canteen, cafeteria, food center, minimart and restaurant services in our campuses. These have been done monthly on drinking water quality testing according to standard of drinking water by using Central laboratory services and KMUTT Food Safety Center, Faculty of Sciences. Moreover, Personal mug campaign has been initiates since 2013 with 171 Drinking water bottle filling stations within our university.


100% Safe Drinking Water in KMUTT by 2018

Current Status:

In 2023, Drinking Water Quality in KMUTT is 100 % in acceptable standard range of Drinking water standard and meets safety drinking water.