The Organizational Structure of KMUTT Carbon Neutrality 2040 is a comprehensive framework designed to guide King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) in achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. At its core is the Carbon Neutrality Steering Committee, composed of administrators, sustainability experts, and departmental representatives, which oversees the establishment of overarching goals, strategies, and policies. This committee collaborates with specialized working groups addressing specific sustainability domains, fostering a targeted and holistic approach to carbon reduction. The structure ensures a bottom-up implementation, involving designated sustainability coordinators or teams within various departments responsible for executing and overseeing initiatives. Importantly, the framework incorporates monitoring and reporting mechanisms, facilitating transparent progress tracking and informed decision-making. The abstract underscores the modular and adaptive nature of the structure, allowing for continuous assessment and refinement based on real-time feedback, thereby guiding KMUTT’s collective journey towards carbon neutrality.

In essence, KMUTT’s carbon neutrality framework exhibits a collaborative, modular, and adaptive design, aligning diverse stakeholders and resources to drive sustainability initiatives. Through this structured approach, the university aims to create a resilient and responsive organizational culture that advances environmental stewardship and paves the way for a carbon-neutral future by 2040.