Announcement of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT)
KMUTT’s Integrated Approach to Health and Well-being Policy

To  drive King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) as Integrated approach to Health and Well-being campus  under the 13th  National Economic and Social Development Plan (2023-202), the long-term 20-year KMUTT Development Plan (2023-2027), and the 13th  KMUTT Strategic Plan (2022-2026)  aligns with KMUTT sustainable policy focusing on safety management which pay attention on the health of students and staff, as well as being part of Asian University Network-Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN),KMUTT committed to support and promote participation from student ,staff  and all stakeholders to  enhance the health and well-being for all in  KMUTT. This involves fostering a campus environment that enhances health and well-being, reducing, eliminating, and preventing health and well-being risk factors as well as preparing the university’s personnel to get good health and well-being for aging society under the future changes. KMUTT establishes the KMUTT’s Integrated Approach to Health and Well-being Policy as follows.

1. KMUTT committed to develop the systems and build up environment within the university to support the enhancing of health and well-being which comply to laws and regulations, the university’s vision and mission with monitoring system for continual improvement by using health and well-being network set up regulations and guideline as follows:
          1.1) Promote integrated internally and externally network operations for health services to both students and staff.
     1.2) Develop models and processes for health promotion and well-being enhancement at both the university and institute level by using collaboration concept.
       1.3) Foster awareness and understanding of health and well-being, leading to behavioral changes in health and well-being among students and staff at all levels.
         1.4) Support and encourage research and innovation in health promotion and well-being for students and staff.
         1.5) Enhance the integrated managing mechanism for health and well-being database for students and staff .

2. KMUTT has a mission to develop guidelines for driving the policy through health and well-being promotion plans which set the goals and responsible person by using the health and well-being network to achieve sustainable goals, focusing on the following points:
         2.1) All executive levels within the university prioritize and use the  policy for  implementation.
         2.2) Establish the KMUTT health and well-being committee to set the direction for health and well-being drive in campus.
         2.3) Establish KMUTT health and well-being team and networks to make  KMUTT health and well-being plan and process on learning , awareness  and understanding activities which drive all students and staff using the system for implementation and make KMUTT to be health and well-being campus.
        2.4) Integrate health and well-being policies with other related policies to achieve the goal of KMUTT’s Integrated Approach to Health and Well-being Policy which everyone in the university participates.

3. KMUTT set driving objectives for students and staff on health and well-being promotion and support as follows:
3.1) Promote activities that emphasize on health improvement through physical exercises and better living including reduce  and eliminate the risky behaviors related to food consumption and overall lifestyle and  provide counseling to mitigate the risks of non-communicable diseases  ( NCDs) such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, abnormal blood lipids, and stress-related disorders.
3.2) Promote, publicize and provide counseling to reduce and eliminate risky alcohol consumption behaviors within campus and community surround including the university activities in all area.
3.3) Promote, publicize and provide counseling to reduce and eliminate risky smoking behaviors, and facilitate a smoking cessation clinic including promote quitting smoking activities and designate smoke-free zones.
3.4) Promote, publicize and provide counseling to reduce and eliminate the risks of mental health issues, including stress, depression, self-harm or harm to others by using  mental health and stress management promotion activities.
3.5) Promote, publicize and provide monitoring system on health and well-being impacts by using KMUTT health and well-being network of students, staff and related organization.
3.6) Develop the health database system for KMUTT students and staff which follow the data management and data usage under the  legal requirements which make high benefits for all.
3.7) Promote social relationships, social and environmental responsibility including peaceful and just coexistence.
3.8) Promote the develop life and living skills, lifelong learning and maintain work-life balanced by using all mechanisms and encouraging everyone’s participation.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suvit SeaTia
President , KMUTT

August 2023

Heathcare facilities and services are available to our students, staff, and others in the University. 

Health Services

Our services

  • A first-aid treatment
  • Treatment by doctors
  • Blood group test
  • Medical certificate
  • Provide medicine and the first-aid services (bandage, injection, wounds, being dizzy, etc.)

Doctors with various specialties always occupy on ward to offer a treatment and to give consults as follows:

Primary care clinic / Monday – Thursday1.00 pm. – 4.00 pm.
Medical Specialty clinics
Ear, Nose, Throat / Monday4.30 pm. – 6.00 pm.
Internal medicine (High blood pressure, diabetes, Cholesterol, etc.) / Tuesday 4.30 pm. – 6.00 pm.
Urologist/ Wednesday4.30 pm. – 6.00 pm.
Ear, Nose, Throat / Friday4.30 pm. – 6.00 pm.
Motivation clinic / Friday12.00 pm. – 3.00 pm.
Emergency Medical Transport Van 24 hrs.

KMUTT Health Service Section (Bangmod Campus)
126 Pracha Uthit Rd., Bang Mod,
Thung Khru, Bangkok 10140 THAILAND
(CB2, 1st floor, Room no.2101)

Phone: +66 2470-8441-6

Disability support service

Health Care Unit for disability and space for do activity for disabilities

Training activities for people with disabilities


KMUTT, managed by the Sport Section of Student Affairs Office, strives to provide a wide variety of athletic, recreation and leisure opportunities for individuals of all ages, interests and abilities. We encourage all forms of sport and athletics both indoor and outdoor for the benefit of students and staff members. Just showing KMUTT card, you can easily access to our sport facilities including:

  • Gymnasium and Sport Complex
  • Fitness Center
  • Recreation class
  • Tennis court
  • Football and track field
  • Sport equipment: basketball, volleyball, football, takraw, table tennis

Student Affairs Office / Sport Section

Phone: +66 2470 8092, +66 2470 8095

sexual and reproductive health care services for students

In addition to our health care service in all facets to our students and staff at KMUTT, we regularly provide seminar series on personal health including sexual and reproductive health. For example, Safe Sex Save Life activity is organized the students and personnel received knowledge and understand of sexual correctly that this activity has discuss and share real the experience from guest. There are answer the problem and clear hot issue. Including, enjoying a variety activity. 

Safe Sex Safe Life Activity on Valentine’s day that give knowledge safety sexual

Safe Sex Safe life Handout on Valentine’s day for KMUTT student

Additional evidence link:


King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi Received a 4-star Health University Evaluation Award Certificate


💙According to the Healthy University Rating System (HURS) assessment criteria
🤝 Of the ASEAN University Network – Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN)