In 2017, KMUTT’s water conservation measures are the first-line option for the control and management of  water consumption within campus. According to the Meteorological Department (MD),Thailand is going to experience the worst drought in a decade, as average precipitation across large swaths of the country has fallen far short of the monthly average. Therefore, KMUTT set the water conservation measures for apply to all campus for sustainable water management . KMUTT’s water conservation measures are including with:

  1. Turn off taps tightly to ensure they do not drip
  2. Do not leave the tap running when not in use
  3. Always check for leaks in flushing cisterns, pipes and taps
  4. Repair appliances immediately to prevent water wastage
  5. Organize water saving campaigns and tips
  6. Install of water efficient appliances in every office of KMUTT
  7. Using rainwater harvesting for gardening
  8. Provide water container instead of directly open from tap

Target: 50% of pipe water usage reduction by 2024 compared to 2003 baseline

Current Status: In 2023, 23.71% of pipe water usage reduction compared to 2003 baseline according to water conservation measure and eco sensor water saving appliances.

Water Saving Campaign

To foster awareness of sustainable water management within KMUTT and encourage water conservation behavior in students and staff, Water saving campaigns and involve activities have been launched since 2007. Posters, Pocket guide, Leaflets, Stickers and media are used to communicate and contribute water awareness to all student and staff in campus.