According to Walk & Bike society policy, KMUTT promote our student to share their ideas & activities  for joining /participating  to make sustainability in our campus. Innovation in this year focus on innovation in bicycle related.

Charger Bicycle

Charger bicycle  is one of our student innovation  which share their idea to make more benefit from bicycle riding. The electrical which generate during bicycle riding has been storage in Power Bank and can be used for telephone or Tablet charger. KMUTT has Transportation Policy to Walk& Bike Society promotion and Involvement in sustainable campaigns and sustainable communities projects,Charger bicycle or Electricity Generated Bicycle is one project for electricity generation project by means of biking activity within our university. The activity aims to store electricity for charging the Telephone or tablet.

The Charger bicycles   or Electricity Generated  Bicycle  was purposely conducted. The results showed that by cycling at the speed of 10-20 km/hr, with the total distance of 7-12 km, the amount of electricity that could be harnessed is approximately  6 by employing a battery cell  (Power Bank) with 6000 mAh. capacity. By harnessing electricity from a bicycle as the energy source, a Telephone or Tablet charging.( IPhone at 1 A. load current of up to 6 units and Tablet load current 2.1 A. up to 3 units.)By converting mechanical energy from students and staff biking into electricity for using within the campus, Walk & Bike Society promotion could be sufficiently implemented by themselves and surrounded community.

Bike Tracking

Bike Tracking is one of KMUTT innovation which focuses on tracking the riding data of each bicycle in the KMUTT Bike sharing system. Moreover, this tracking system can be linked to KMUTT Riding database and convert into energy reduction and carbon dioxide reduction according to the riding activities. This innovation is one of user friendly system which easy installation, simple and low production cost. The Bike tracking including is now installing in 130 bicycles in the KMUTT Bike sharing system for data collection and hope to expand to all bicycles usage in KMUTT in the near future. KMUTT have Seven Applications for Bike Tracking innovation :

Biker App is an application that can record bike data by using Near Field Communication (NFC) Tag. NFC Tag is using android operation combine with GPS. It collected data into database by internet connection. Biker App can show speed, time usage, location, map, and direction of bike user. It can search the direction and share location, picture to Social media. NFC Tag have an emergency call when need help, the user can push at the bottom.