KMUTT’s Walk and Bike Society is a major activities to support pedestrian path policy on campus. Covered walkway that run between two or more buildings will help students and staff convenience to walk around building and access to all facilities within campus. All covered walkway is cover with flower plant where not only increase vegetation area but also make our students and staff feel fresh during walk through. Health and safety is a promising issue for pedestrian design and construction. Design criteria for pedestrian path including with physically and functionally comfortable, shielded from the wind, rain and shaded from the sun, and the network of campus streets should be well-organized. Furthermore, safety sign and symbol and Universal design are also concern for operating and managing pedestrian path for KMUTT campus.

Target: 50% of pedestrian is green covered way to serve walking campus by 2024

Current: In 2023, 50% of pedestrian is green covered way

Covered walkway

Pedestrian crossing

Street lamp

Bicycle lane

Safety sign

Disabled Pedestrians