Target: 100% energy-efficient appliances usage in KMUTT by 2024

Current Status: In 2023, 90.52% of appliances are energy-efficient appliances.

Energy conservation program in KMUTT consists of two main parts: Awareness raising and Technical application. For Awareness raising part, KMUTT has been concerned on energy usage reduction and make sustainable energy community which focus on student, staff and communities surround .These has been done by using poster and other medias including roadshow activities by Green Heart According to KMUTT’s Energy Efficiency development plan, we set our target to 25% energy usage reduction in KMUTT by the year 2030, compared with 2018 basis. Responsibilities for energy conservation promotion will be distributed to all department in campus. All traditional office equipment and appliances are aimed to replace with energy efficiency appliances within 2030. For the reason that, energy efficient appliances use less electricity to achieve the same level of performance to similar models with the same size or capacity. To promote this move, Energy Label No.5, High Energy Efficiency label and Energy star are three key energy labels to look for when buying new appliance. The results of energy efficiency appliances implementation will result in cumulative energy saving and cumulative CO2 emission reduction from our campus.

The following table shows the total number and percentage of replacement for energy efficient appliances

During 2018-2021, KMUTT has been granted 70 million baht (2 million dollar) funding from Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy thailand, for installed new energy efficient appliances (lighting system, air conditioning system) for all in KMUTT with 6.67 years payback period.
In the year 2023, Energy usage reduction in KMUTT from this project is 3,522,999.20 kWh which make KMUTT save 15,360,276.51 baths. Furthermore, the results from this project make more than 2 million tons’ carbon emission reduction within our university. Technical application for energy efficiency in KMUTT have been implemented continuously to meet energy usage reduction goal and sustainable energy in our campus.

The following are the example of energy efficiency appliance implementation within campus:

  • Indoor Lighting system
    53,750 T5 Fluorescent are replaced with Light-emitting diode (LED) and Compact fluorescent in 24 Buildings at KMUTT Bangmod campus. T8 lamp is a LED lamps .The compact size of T8 lamps reduces the amount of materials used in their manufacture, the potential for toxic substance contamination, and packaging materials needed for shipment and sale. Therefore, T8 lamps create less impact on the global environment than conventional T5 lamps. T8 lamp can reduce energy consumption up to 40% compare to T8 lamps. As result, KMUTT could save energy consumption more than 1.27 MWh/Year, reducing electricity cost about 5.34 M THB/Year and reducing carbon emission at 717,900 kgCO2.
  • Outdoor Lighting pathway At pathway around campus, 500 Outdoor light bulbs: solar sport light are installed to provide optimum visibility. By replacing with the conventional one, our campus can save energy consumption up to 394,200 kWh/Year, reducing electricity cost around 1,643,814 THB/Year and reducing carbon emission at 221,146 kgCO2
  • Air Condition System There are 4 Projects to maximize energy efficient air conditioner between 2018-2019 as following: 1.Set routinely schedule for maintenance visit at 3 time per year (Change or clean the air filters). By this program, campus could save energy more than 1,079,612 kWh which equal to 3,722,000 Baht. In addition, campus could reduce carbon dioxide emission more than 615,379 kgCO2
    2.Replace existing central air condition system- air: cooled chiller plant at Library, President office and Gym with Screw Inverter Compressor, TRANE model: CRTAG 100, 150-300 Tons. As a result, KMUTT can save energy consumptions 4,753,117 kWh, reduce energy cost 22,814,961 Baht (Electricity cost 4.80Baths/Units) and reduce carbon emission 2,709,276.7 kgCO2
    3.Replace traditional AC compressor with smart Inverter air conditioner, allowing greater energy efficiency. As a results, since October 2010, KMUTT is completely installed new air condition with high energy efficiency.
    4.KMUTT control temperature of air condition at 26ºC to both office and classroom. As it not only provides comfortable temperature for a person, but also for energy saving. As a result, KMUTT can reduce energy consumption 142,460 kWh/year, reduce energy cost 683,809 Baht (Electricity cost 4.80 Baths/Units) and reduce 81,202 kgCO2 (base on reduce 1ºC can save energy 2%
  • Energy measuring system
    To monitor the energy usage within the university, energy management system by using energy measuring database has been developed to support Energy Conservation Program within KMUTT. 64 Multifunction Digital Meters are provided in 32 Building both in Bangmod and Bangkhuntien Campus. The operators in each building have been trained to use the system properly with computer-aided tools for monitor, control, and optimize the performance of the electrical usage in building. Data collection and analysis have been done as monthly energy consumption data, energy load curve to define the specific building which has opportunity to implement an energy conservation programs. As a result, university could track the energy usage in real time situation which not only help to manage with energy usage in case of some abnormal conditions, but also help to solve energy failure and loss in immediately.