• KMUTT Energy Forum

KMUTT Energy Forum was established since 2011 by the corporation between School of Energy, Environment and Materials and The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment which aims to educating the society in energy issue. A propose of this forum is sharing Energy technology management knowledge to public. This forum is organized 5 times/year where indicate an up to date important energy issue in Thailand.

  • Energy training and workshop

Energy training and workshop in energy conservation and energy saving have been trained not only for Energy conservation team and Energy conservation worker, but also to student and staff. All Training and Workshop have been operated by Energy Environment and Safety organization (EESH) with 12 courses/year. These activities provide simple tips and techniques for energy saving and greenhouse gas emission reduction, brainstorming and sharing knowledge to each other. As a result, more than 6,000 attendees along 2 years.

  • Exhibitions and Road shows

Exhibitions and road shows for energy conservation & climate change is organized 10 times per year. These activities provide simple tips & techniques in energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction.

  • Promotion activities

KMUTT provide promotion activities by using Poster, Energy saving tips Pocket Guide, Leaflet, and Medias to promote within campus with monthly promotion activities plan. As a result, more than 40 promotion activities have been done with more than 17,000 students and staff were join.

  • Energy & Environmental conservation Camp

Energy & Environmental conservation Camp for students: KMUTT Green School Network & surround communities. These activities provide one-day camp in our campuses, their schools & communities. These activities provide Energy Saving and reduce Greenhouse gas tips and techniques along with environmental conservation followed by the innovative idea for energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction.

  • Green Heart Camp

The propose of this camp is welcoming a new freshmen student of KMUTT.  These activities provide Green University policy and Energy Saving tips along with environmental conservation techniques followed by KMUTT Change Agent idea.

  • KMUTT Green School Network

The activity for sharing knowledge on global warming adaptation and migration to surround schools and communities by our green heart student. KMUTT Green School Network has established since 2009 to expand our Energy and Environment conservation to schools including knowledge on Global warming. Presently, more than 50 schools in Bangkok are our KMUTT Green School Network’s member.

  • Energy initiation Camp

Energy initiation Camp was Operated by Department of Energy. The objective of this camp is to promote Energy and Environment conservation awareness to Thailand youth. This camp established since 2005. KMUTT was co-operated in Central area of Thailand including 22 Provinces. As a result, more than 305 students were joined under the theme of Energy Innovation for Green Globe.