KMUTT Green society is a place for anyone who love and interest on cycling. We are hoping this will encourage many more of student and staff to join both activities and club as cycling at the University will be much more accessible and affordable!

  • Bike sharing and rental
  • Bike repair and maintenance
  • Recreation and amusement
  • Knowledge exchange place

KMUTT is now operating Bike Share services at Green Society Building with free of charge for bicycle sharing service .Moreover , we add more green activity in the theme of Cycle to Recycle Campaign which promote the students and staff to concern on recycle aluminum can and drinking water bottle . This Cycle to Recycle Campaign need our student and staff who want to use bicycle sharing service , have to deposited aluminum can and drinking water bottle for redeem points and use the deposited point for using bicycle sharing service in our university. KMUTT Bike share service is not only the place for sharing bicycle for riding in our campus and community surround, but also can help our student and staff to learn and understanding our recycle system by using bicycle riding with funny and happy activities. In the year 2020, KMUTT gain more Bicycle riding activities including Bike Friday , Saturday Ride Fever , KMUTT Bangmod-Bangkhunthien Traditional bike trip , Car Free day , Bangkok-Huahin Long bicycle Trip, Bangmod-Rachaburi Bicycle Trip etc. 

Target : 50% of bicycle usage increasing to serve walk and bike society by 2024 compared to 2010 baseline.

Current Status: In 2023, 45% increasing in bicycle usage and more than 2,915 people joining KMUTT Green Bike Club