At our campus, more than fourteen rainwater harvesting are provided for accumulation and storage of rainwater instead allowing it to run off. As well-designed water harvesting system, KMUTT can cut down cost of irrigation construction. To irrigate plants, we use water from rainwater harvesting which reduce our campus dependence on tap water. In addition, we can decrease water consumption more than  136,600 cubic meter/year. Good water quality is fundamental to a green campus.  We are monitoring water quality (BOD, COD and pH) in monthly at every rainwater harvesting of campus to track the water quality before watering a tree. Also protect the high concentrations of phosphorus may result increased growth of algae and large aquatic plants, which can result in decreased levels of dissolved oxygen.

Goal : 25% of rain water conservation for usage in campus by 2024

Current Status: In 2023, 36.05% of rain water conservation for usage in campus

Furthermore, at Ratchaburi campus, 100 percentage of water consume within campus is came from their own portable water plant with production capacity at 5 m3/hr. Rainwater harvesting is the main source for production in order to consume from tap water of Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. By developing water supply production and distribution standard, KMUTT create stability and sustainability in water supply within campus. The following figure present the flow chart of portable water plant process.