Water Recycling Program in New Building

By 2010, KMUTT more seriously concern on water conservation and sustainable water management which aim to both minimizes the effects of drought and water shortages and makes water available for recreational purposes. Thereby, green building with water recycling system is operated. By water recycling program implementation, it produced largely impact to the reduction of water consumption and water bill. KMUTT  has  seven new buildings and has been  implemented  the water recycling program to all seven  new buildings  including  BRI Building which is Green building in Bangkhunthien campus ,FIBO Building , Wisawa Wattana Building ,President Building , Thumaraksa Dormitory 1, Thumaraksa Dormitory 2  and  Sport Complex Building in Bangkhunthien campus .

At KMUTT, Grey water and black water are totally separated from wastewater treatment process. Wastewater from baths, sinks, washing machines and other kitchen appliances are defined as grey water whereas wastewater from toilets, which likely contains pathogens is defined as black water. For water recycling program in campus, grey water is take in recycling schemes. These recycled water is used for non-portable (not for drinking) purposes within campus such as gardening, toilet flushing, floor cleaning, bike cleaning and construction activities i.e. concrete mixing. By recycling water, campus could reduce the volume of water used in each activities up to 60,000 m3/year. The following figures present the implementation of water recycling program of KMUTT.


25 % of recycled water usages in campus by 2024 to be later adjusted

Current Status:

In 2023, 36.05% of water recycle usage in campus