“Global warming is caused by CO2 emission from human activities. Right now, the situation is approaching the tipping point where the temperature would become irreversibly high. Each nation and organization, big and small, has declared their compliance to the carbon neutrality policies within 2050. KMUTT, as a university with over 20 years’ experience of researches in climate change, is well equipped in knowledge, experts, staffs, and technology as well as clear strategic goals in sustainable development is well-recognized as a leading university in energy conservation both domestically and internationally. Such recognition serves as a proof of KMUTT’s understanding of the subject.

In support of carbon emission reduction, KMUTT has declared its mission to eliminate its carbon emission to zero within 2040 in the “KMUTT Carbon Neutrality 2040” campaign that shall be accomplished with the use of renewable energy and plantation to absorb carbon and thus reduce the impact of climate change. KMUTT also aims for the campaign to be an example. KMUTT also set our finish line ahead of the government to show that all sectors in the country are proactive and are willing to promptly participate when ready. We believe that many other institutes will also respond to the policy, which will be good for the country and our world as well.”

KMUTT Carbon Neutrality 2040 has been integrated to its new strategic objectives in Sustainable Development Goals, along with other 5 goals: 1. Increasing the Student Engagement; 2. Demonstrating the Impact of Research and Innovation; 3. Encouraging the Community Engagement; 4. Building Green Infrastructure & Environment; and 5. Creating a Sustainable Management System.