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1. Automation

  • Building Automation System, BAS HVAC control system and Lighting system are controlling under BAS system which located at control room of campus. This system allows university for managing energy and equipment to analyze data and observe trends. As the result, KMUTT could improving efficiencies in the operation of the building which attain not only energy saving but also energy security.
  • Inverter chillers Controlling room temperature at certain point with inverter chillers which consume less energy in order to maintain the temperature instead of running chiller at full load.

2. Safety

  • CCTV  CCTV is installed in all existing public building for safety and security of student and staff
  • SOS system In 2014, SOS security system has operated more than 12 locations around campus. Student and staff who in the emergency situation or accident be able to communicate with KMUTTs security immediately where the signal is linked to 24 hour CCTV control room.
  • Smoke detector and Fire alarm Smoke detector and Fire alarm do not just sound the alarm, they also alert to 24 hour CCTV control room to inform the location of accident

3. Energy

  • Energy measuring system Energy measuring database has been developed to support Energy Conservation Program since 2010. Multifunction Digital Meters are installed at 32 Buildings. Daily load profile and monthly power peaks are measured and evaluated not only improve the electricity performance, but also for renewable energy integration.

4. Water

  • Smart water sensor 163 tap water sensor and 442 sensor flush valve were installed in all new building of KMUTT campuses. By installing of those smart water sensor can reduce water consumption over 50,000 cubic meter per year.
  • Flow switch, level switch and pressure switch Leakage awareness and control

5. Indoor Environment

  • Smart indoor air quality monitor Air quality monitoring system is developed to maintain adequate indoor air quality in the class room and work place. The key air quality parameter are consist of PM 2.5, PM 10, PM 1, Temperature and Humidity. At our campus, we control the CO2 level at 350-1,000 ppm for good air exchange by using both flesh fan and exhaust fan with monitoring system. At KMUTT, wireless indoor air quality monitoring is operating under the Indoor Air Quality and Energy management organization (IAQE), KMUTT.

6. Lighting

  • LED Bulb Dimmable and LED smart Light controlled More than 100 LED bulb are installed at covered walkways between Studying Building and cafeteria, car parking and the outside of the building. Those LED could reduce electricity consumption as it turns on only during people walk thought the sensor. Following the light regulations in the work place under the Health & Safety at work act, all LED bulbs at our campus are always checked to meet the standard of suitable and sufficient lighting at 500 lumen/m2. As dimmer is brightness adjustable and no emit heat loss, so we can save energy   consumption more than 85%.