Paper Reduction Programs at KMUTT

Goal: To be paperless campus

Target: Reduction of 80% in Paper Usage by 2024  compare to 2016 baseline

Current Status: In 2023, reduction of 44.27% in paper usage compare to 2016 baseline

KMUTT set up paper reduction program since 2016 and make our goal to be paperless campus. Most government documents and learning materials have already converted into digital platform which is an electronic tool for research study, classroom learning and technical service. Today our student can download handout and past exam papers on KMUTT’s e-Learning website, manage their educational documents via KMUTT block chain and even sending their either homework or assignment by using Google Drive or OneDrive. As these changes take place, both instructional system and educational service are becoming achieve by ability to go paperless which lead to the path of smart and sustainable university. After all, it saves money, time and reduce environmental impact. The support activity for reduce paper consumption within campus are including:

1) E-meeting document system

In recent year, more than 776,312 paper is reduced as an implementation of e-meeting document   system into every conferences. This reduction is a main result from spreading online documents instead of a hard copy. Besides, the meeting reports of each conference are also submitted online. According to these changes, its lead KMUTT to smart office.

2) E-procurement/ E-bidding

By applying E-procurement/E-bidding, tones of wasted paper are reducing annually. This reduction is   achieved by the replacement of online document to the hard copy. Besides, it is also easy for the suppliers to submit their documents without corruption.

3) Block chain

In every job application, private and public sectors could be able to gather KMUTT’s student data via KMUTT’s block chain. Hence, the students hard copy data is unnecessary.

4) 2 Slide printing

In 2014, all department of campus are subsidized by University for Monochrome Laser Printer. By upgrade to double-side printing, each office can reduce printing and copy volume. This not only cut down on paper and toner costs but also save money in the long run.

5) E-KMUTT/ KMUTT Office 365

All lecture handouts are turn into electronic files which every student can be able to access. Also, the assignments are submitted online including the final thesis. Besides, e-books are available online, so that the students do not need to visit the library.


CEGIS is an online database that every body could be able to study previous KMUTT’s community engagement projects for the last 10 years and gather its data for further study and development.

7) Metaverse

KMUTT has used Metaverse to organize online exhibitions for students and staff. including outsiders to attend various exhibitions which Metaverse is a combination of technology in the virtual world. that creates the real world environment and technology together for people to interact and do activities together Through the identity of the avatar (Avatar) in the form of 3D graphics instead of us to do activities, it feels more like real life than social media used today.