Student Organizations


*KMUTT’s student organizations* connect students with a stronger sense of community.
Student Affairs Division, Student Activity Section assists students to make the most of their university experience through involvement in student organizations/ clubs. Whether you want to join an existing student clubs or start a new one, we can assist you to make it happen. Student organization aims at connecting a group of students with similar interesting a stronger sense of community while providing opportunities to engage in organizational and leadership development. The staffs of the Student Activity Section provide comprehensive advising, resources and guidance to students for recognition, organizational and leadership development, and event planning via a variety of colorful activities for sorority and fraternity members.


Opportunities to get involved in student clubs, for example, include:

In 2017, KMUTT student organizations related to environment and sustainability are 13 Club consist of:

1. Volunteer Rural Development Club

2. Natural Resources and Environment Conservation Club

3. Green bike Club

4. White pencil Club


6.Green Heart Club

7.KMUTT Maker Club


Student union clubs in KMUTT are 6 union clubs as following;

1.Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology ‘s Student Union

2.Faculty of Engineering’s Student Union

3.Faculty of Science’s Student Union

4.School of Architecture and Design’s Student Union

5. Media Technology’s Student Union

6.School of Information Technology’s Student Union