KMUTT set up university's Sustainability Office since 2015which play a major role to exercise on Green university for sustainability concept and adopted KMUTT Sustainability Strategic plan 2020 since December 2015 which revised for continual improvement each year. This has been done to comprise of seven key elements including Green Infrastructure, Energy and Climate change, Waste, Water, Transportatio ,Education& Learning and Safety with goal and target. KMUTT is now in the process to develop KMUTT Sustainability Strategic Plan 2030 which comply to the university policy and KMUTT Strategic Plan 2030 .KMUTT committed to be Sustainable University for SDG 2030 since 2017 which comply the global and national sustainable agenda and to promote the development of sustainability leadership "Green Heart "on our campus. Green Heart 's student plays a major role on sustainable activities in KMUTT by using "actions from everyone, everywhere" campaign. KMUTT proud to produce Green heart from our university as change agents to be leader which make social and the world sustainable.


Strategy for Sustainability


KMUTT recognizes the importance of sustainable development and has established policies and programs which promote students and staff

to work with communities and friends at local and global level. Sustainable development is supervised by the Sustainability Steering Board

which reports to the University Executive Board. Our Strategy for sustainable focus from policy to make our student "Green Heart" and strategy

for implementation focus on three principals: Learning Environment (Build to Believe), Participation (get everyone involved) and Total quality

management (continual improved and positive reinforcement).


To drive towards a sustainable university, KMUTT transform campus to be an integral learning spaces, strive for conducive environment to

create awareness and to foster innovation by our students and staff, educate our graduates to be 20th century learners, understand the impact

of technology on the environment, as a preparation to become the change agents for the public and development of future "green tech " by

students and staff. KMUTT, also provides learning space off the classroom which can be conducive learning, participation and demonstrations;

in-class learning draws on cases and examples to raise environmental and sustainable development awareness at every opportunity. In

research, promote all research and innovation to be as environmentally and socially inclusive as possible. This strategy for sustainable is an

important step towards embedding sustainability across the whole University. Green Heart students are key to the success of our sustainability

strategy which make our university sustainable and make sustainable world in the near future.