Strategy for Sustainable


KMUTT set up university's Sustainability Office since 2010 which play a major role to exercise on Green university for sustainability concept and adopted KMUTT Sustainability Strategic plan 2010-2020 since December 2010 and revised for continual improvement on 2017 .This has been done to comprise of six key elements including Green Infrastructure, Energy and Climate change, Waste, Water, Transportation and Education& Learning with goal and target. KMUTT committed to be Green University for SDG 2030 since 2017 which comply the global and national sustainable agenda and to promote the development of sustainability leadership on our campus.




To drive towards a sustainable university

Transform Campus to be an integral learning spaces


  • Strive for conducive environment to create awareness and to foster innovation by our students and staff

  - Educate our graduates to be 20th century learners

  - Understand the impact of technology on the environment, as a preparation to become the change agents for the public

  - Development of future "green tech “ by students and staff

  •  Learning space off the classroom provides conducive learning, participation and demonstrations,
  • in-class learning  draws on cases and examples to raise environmental and sustainable development awareness at every opportunities.
  • In research  promote all research and innovation to be as environmentally and socially inclusive as possible