Message from the President


Dear Students, Colleagues and Friends of KMUTT 

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our new KMUTT website on sustainability, a website providing comprehensive information on our focus to become a sustainable university with our new campaign "KMUTT sustainable university for SDG 2030 " , demonstrating our desire to be a green campus with comply to SDG and clearly visible to our students, staff and to all communities who come to visit us.
For the current and future generation of students, sustainability is a leading issue which focus on student's Green Heart. We want to educate our students and encourage them to learn outside of the classroom by transforming our campuses to be an ideal environment for developing awareness and innovative solutions to problems that will improve the world for current and future generations. To do that, our initiatives focus not only on campus operations but also on educating our students and working with our colleagues to ensure our graduates are environmentally conscious. Our campaigns for sustainability are in place with Safety in all we do , Say no to single use plastics, reduce, reuse, recycle, repair with Repair Café , energy conservation with renewable energy usage , water and waste management, green purchasing , smart transportation, and Green building initiative which focus on new construction and building renovation .

KMUTT is committed to environmental leadership in all of our activities from operations, teaching, to conducting research. Our commitments are
- to be a Green University providing a role model on Energy, Environment, Safety Management Systems, promoting the application of all these activities within the university,
- to encourage our students and colleagues to become change agents for helping the community and society have a better quality of life through the adoption of good energy, environment and safety management systems, and
- to strive for continual improvement in energy, environment and safety management systems to help achieve sustainability for all.

Despite our previous successes, hard decisions still remain in the future. Many green initiatives often require high up-front investment. However, we believe that the return on investment for green initiatives is often long-term with many and varied returns that will be environmentally beneficial for future generations and sustainable for all in KMUTT. I would like to thank all members and friends of KMUTT for what you personally achieve, each and every day, to help KMUTT grow in a sustainable way and to educate our graduates, ensuring that their futures will be sustainable as well.



Sakarindr Bhumiratana