KMUTT Waste Management Policy


KMUTT Waste Management Policy


KMUTT is committed to develop waste management system and encourage students and staffs to reduce reuse recycle and proper management on treatment and disposal. Both municipal solid waste and hazardous waste are managed according to the waste hierarchy of reduction, reuse, and recycle, treatment and responsible disposal:

1.Waste minimization and waste reduction

Encourage waste source reduction by using the waste minimization and reduce hazardous chemical usage and encourage using products that can be re-used, or recycled.

2.Re-use and repair

Encourage to reuse equipment, materials or chemicalsand repair equipment, materials that can be efficiently use.


Encourage to recycling of: Aluminums and steel cans, cardboard, glass bottles, paper, plastic cartons, scrap metal, shoe bank, textile bank, toner and ink jet cartridges by using recyclable waste bank .Also, encourageto recycling hazardous materials or chemicals if it can be efficiently done.

4.Responsible disposal

Ensure disposal in both municipal solid waste and hazardous waste are carried out in standard practices and meet regulations.

Dr.Krissanapong  Kirtikara,

KMUTT President (June 2005)