KMUTT Walk& Bike Society policy has been launched with promotion the Walking Culture within KMUTT. Covered Walkway is one of supporting infrastructure for all students and staff to walk around and can be access to all buildings & facilities in campus. Covered walkways in KMUTT are the best solution to link from building to building, from facility to facility with 2 kilometers long around our campus which provide sheltering one from sun rays, protection from wind and heavy metal rains, allow inflow of light and air with a green scene along the way to make all feel fresh. Walking along covered walkways is one of our activities to energy conservation, decrease global warming gas and health promotion for all in our campus. Moreover, Green covered walkway is one type of cover walkway which can make it green by using trees or flower trees .this project will help to reduce carbon emission and make our students and staff more comfortable during walking along the walkway. 

Goal : 50 % Green Covered way to serve Walking Campus by the year 2020

Results : In 2018, 48%of Green Covered way to serve Walking Campus have been promoted compare to 2010 baseline