Integrated teaching for effective learning

Most of sustainable activities are integrates into academic study and research. Also, it is applicable for the future of work. KMUTT offered it in courses study including:

  • Paid Co-operative Education Placements
  • Students become an employee of the organization and receive a wage, marketable skills and a year of experience in the field, for one semesters to 6 months of working in industry.
  • Voluntary Placements
  • Offer students the opportunity to gain work experience and on-the-job organizational training often in a not-for-profit or community based organization and are not paid, for one course to one semester.

In the same way, the concept of Staff-People participation is set up which focus in decision making processes, instead of simply acting on orders. Staff-People participation is also referred to as people involvement include:

  • Project teams or quality circles in which working group on projects or tasks with considerable responsibility being delegated to the team.
  • Suggestion schemes – where employees are given channels whereby they can suggest new ideas to managers within KMUTT. Often they will receive rewards for making appropriate suggestions.
  • Consultation exercises and meetings whereby employees are encouraged to share ideas.
  • Delegation of responsibility within KMUTT.
  • Multi-channel decision making processes. In such situations decisions are not only made in a downward direction, they also result from communications upwards, sideways, and in many other directions within KMUTT

Expand our reach with Communities

  • The Green School Network Project

It for primary school in order to provide sustainable knowledge and built linkage for sustainability movement in community. In 1012, more than 42 schools have joined with us under the green and clean activities theme by applying KMUTT energy environment safety management system as a role model.

  • Energy Conservation Camp

This camp is set up by the corporation between government sector and KMUTT’s student. All attendee will be receiving the knowledge of sustainability including climate change adaptation and mitigation, energy conservation, renewable energy, waste management, water management and green transportation.

  • The Pilot model

The management of hazardous, energy, municipal solid waste and safety are educated to surrounding communities through pilot model and documentation. Moreover, hand on training also provided not only for others educational /research Institutes but also for small medium enterprise with free charge.