Knowledge Exchange Center – KX

In 2015, KMUTT will take its industrial outreach and extension mission to a new height when a new venture called “Knowledge Exchange Center – KX” becomes operational. Wholly owned by KMUTT, this city facility is housed in a 20,000 Sq.M. ( 3,056 Sq.M. oprerate in 2016) modern tower, which is conveniently located just next to the Wong Wien Yai BTS Station. The primary aim of this new initiative is to catalyze innovation in enterprises by creating an environment that would facilitate knowledge flow and stimulate the generation of ideas and innovation. Equipped with modern facilities and amenities, KX will be a place where industry players, knowledge and technology providers and public sector facilitators would meet, interact and showcase what they have to offer, so as to create partnerships and innovation alliances, and a culture of entrepreneurship. An important mission of KX is to assist SMEs in enhancing their capacity for productivity improvement and innovation, so as to better serve customers and add value to their value chain.

  • A facility dedicated to stimulating knowledge exchange, entrepreneurship, partnerships and innovation alliances.
  • A space for creating a vibrant community of forward-looking industry, businesses, technology and knowledge providers, public sector facilitators, and venture capital providers.
  • A venue centrally located in the business district of Bangkok at the doorsteps of sky train station.