Water and SDG 2030
• Too many people still lack access to safely managed water supplies and sanitation facilities. Water scarcity, flooding and lack of proper wastewater management also hinder social and economic development. Increasing water efficiency and improving water management are critical to balancing the competing and growing water demands from various sectors and users. In 2017–2018, 157 countries reported average implementation of integrated water resources management of 48 per cent.
• Based on data from 62 out of 153 countries sharing transboundary waters, the average percentage of national transboundary basins covered by an operational arrangement was only 59 per cent in 2017.
Source: Report of the Secretary-General, The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018


Policy Target: KMUTT Water Conservation Policy

1. Reduce pipe water usage 30 % by 2030 compared to the 2006 baseline

2. Increase Rain water / Natural Water Resource usage 20 % by 2020

3. Implement water recycling program for sanitary and water usage 50%in new buildings since 2005.

4. Achieve safe drinking water and clean wastewater in campus by 2018