Safety Policy




KMUTT provide a pilot model and best practice on safety management system and promote to implement the safety management system for all staff students, and communities surrounding. KMUTT focus to expand the safety management system to both government and private sectors to make better quality of life for all in the near future, Therefore, KMUTT is committed to Develop safety management system that comply or relevant to KMUTT Vision on EESH with a continual   improvement.Develop safety management system and implement to all in our university and make them ensure for security, safety and health in workplace with safety audit and continual improvement.Implement the safety system which comply to national safety standard and Safety Act.Develop the hazardous waste treatment or disposal system within KMUTT and promote to use less toxic chemicals in all activitiesDecrease on hazardous waste usage and release to communities to to ensure safety for all in KMUTT and communities surrounding by systematic reporting all hazardous chemical usage and release.Develop safety in workplace for all staff and student by following safety standard and guideline and integrate safety in workplace to all activities in KMUTT to make our students have a safety mind and to be Change agent to help community & social safety.Promote and distribute safety policy, safety rule and safety best practice information to all students, staff and adjunct staff who work for KMUTT.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Sakarindr  Bhumiratana

KMUTT President
July 2011