The ratio of bicycles found towards campus population

KMUTT Green Bike Club


KMUTT Green Bike Club is one of KMUTT student club which are informal formed since 2005 with a passion for cycling and actively promotes creative solutions to environmentally challenging issues and health promotion. The club has been formal launched in 2013 with more than 4,347 members of students and 400 of staff. All members of the University community are eligible for club membership and are invited and encouraged to participate in all club activities.

The KMUTT Green Bike Club promotes Bike share for Free Campaign with KMUTT Green bike and  Zombike , a recycle bike from donated old bikes &bike accessories from Recyclable Bike Accessories Center which repaired by club members to get back riding. KMUTT Green bike club offers self-services on bike repairing, free mechanical assistance to members as well. Their activities are mainly in community projects and environmental conservation. It is proudly to be one of student club which are working to help people help themselves lead healthy, eco-friendly lives in KMUTT and surround communities.

Goal: 3,000 KMUTT students join to be Green Bike Club member by the year 2020
Results: In 2018, 6,421 KMUTT students join Green Bike Club as a member

Bicycle Riding Activities

According to Walk & Bike Society Policy, KMUTT promote Bicycle riding activities to serve all bicycle riders in our campus. These have been done on 3 steps for all bicycle rider including Preparation step, Riding in campus area and Riding outside campus. Preparation step for Bicycle Riding Activities consist of Training to ride a bicycle, Training to ride safety and Training to maintenance your bicycle. After you know how to ride safety , the next step is riding in campus area by using bicycle lane and “Share the road” concept. This activity is the training step for the new rider to know how to ride safety by using bike share ride in our campus. After that it go to the next step which is Riding outside campus to know how to ride safety on the road before join the Bicycle activities for all rider including Bike Friday , Saturday Ride Fever , KMUTT Bangmod-Bangkhunthien Traditional bike trip , Car Free day , Bangkok-Huahin Long bicycle Trip , Bangmod-Rachaburi Bicycle Trip.
From our Bicycle Riding Activities with the average distance of our riding of 3,235 Km/year and total participants in average of 14,692 people/year , it can be calculated into the total bicycle riding distance /year equal to 3,235 km. The results from these activities reduce carbon emission 2.68 million KgCO2/year and reduce Benzene Fuel 0.92 million litres
Goal: 10,000 people participate in KMUTT Bicycle riding in the year 2020
Results: In the year 2018 14,692 people participate in KMUTT Bicycle riding. From the results in the year 2015, our bicycle riding activities can help to reduce carbon emission 2.68 million KgCO2/year and reduce Benzene Fuel 0.92 million litres.