King Mongkut’s University of Technology (KMUTT) has been recognized as the outstanding university in Thailand . KMUTT is not only content to just be one of Thailand’s leading engineering university, but also aiming to have its impact felt globally. KMUTT has developed the Global Player Strategy, aimed at producing graduates who excel at communication and leadership as well as having outstanding technical skills. Through a combination of hard work and passion for learning and discovery,

KMUTT has also offered our excellences in both teaching and research to educate and encourage our students and staffs forwards to be a Green University.

KMUTT has responsibility to contribute our knowledge to conduct a role model on energy, environment safety management systems, which can promote the development of sustainability on our campuses and finally expand to our societies for a better quality of life. The university is committed to be a leader in sustainable development, in all activities from operations, teaching and research. KMUTT has established the Sustainable Office and adopted multiyear-strategic sustainable plan since December 2010. Six key elements including green infrastructure, energy and climate change, waste ,water, transportation, and learning and build constituencies are comprised in KMUTT principle for sustainable development.