Energy and Climate Chage policy

In response to Energy Promotion Conservation Act (No.2) B.E.2550 to conserve energy and set up energy management within KMUTT to follow the guidelines for energy conservation in designated building, promote the energy conservation and energy substitution usage within university, KMUTT is committed to

1.Follow the guidelines for energy conservation in designated building strictly.
2.Set up energy management systems including annual implementation plan, monitoring and evaluation system by continuing to focus on the participation of all sectors of the KMUTT community.
3.Set up the energy conservation rules and procedures and implement to all sectors within KMUTT.
4.Promotion the renewable energy usage within KMUTT.
5.Promote and create awareness of energy conservation among staff and students with continual improvement for sustainability.
6.Reduce Energy Consumption per capital 1%

Assoc. Prof. Dr. SakarindrBhumiratana
President , KMUTT
June 2014

KMUTT is committed to responsibility to climate change and environmental sustainability and dedicated to confronting these responsible through cooperate into all activities on campus. KMUTT is committed to reduce carbon emission 20 million kg CO2 /year by 2016.To reduce carbon emission in KMUTT, we focus on Electrical usage reduction, Water usage reduction, Renewable energy usage including Solar Cell, Biogas,Wind, Waste utilization, Green Transportation, Tree planting increasing and Air pollution decreasing. Greenhouse gas reductions help to reduce global warming gas and give health benefits for all in KMUTT.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Sakarindr Bhumiratana
July 2010