Bicycle and pedestrian policy on campus

KMUTT Walk & Bike Society

KMUTT provide infrastructure in order to support Walk & Bike Society in campus and surround community since 2009.Walk & Bike master plan has been designed and promoted. KMUTT Walk & Bike Society policy has been launched and implemented to all in KMUTT with more than 4,347 members of KMUTT Green Bike Club join the activities. KMUTT Walk & Bike society has been supported by all stakeholders including students &staff, alumni, surround communities and private sectors to built Walk & Bike environment within campus and communities. People participation is a key role to make walk & bike society in KMUTT sustainable and help to make our students to be Green Heart and Change Agent for helping communities and society expand Green & Clean environment in the near future.
KMUTT is committed to be a part of society that is a major force in promotion and implementation walk and bike society in order to promote and built awareness of energy and environment conservation, reduce global warming and greenhouse gas emissions ,health promotion and built green environment by using Green walkway within campus and surround communities.
Goal: 50% of bike usage increasing in KMUTT by the year 2020.
Results: In 2018, 51.76% of bike usage increasing in KMUTT Compare to 2010 baseline
with Security Bike Parking/Bike Route /Bike Repairing center /Recyclable Bike accessories Center /Green Society Building: Bike Valet, Bike Café and Bike Share for Free.)