Green Heart Students

KMUTT want to educate our students and encourage them to learn outside of the classroom by transforming our campuses to be an ideal environment for developing awareness and innovative solutions to problems that will improve the world for current and future generations.

Hazardous waste

According to hazardous waste reduction policy, KMUTT commit to reduce 70% of hazardous waste by the year 2020 compared to 2007 baseline.

Solar cell

Solar cell

KMUTT promote to use solar cell in our campus to serve the clean energy usage policy and to build renewable energy environment for our student and staff as demonstration sites and learning space.

Bicycle Riding Activities

According to Walk & Bike Society Policy, KMUTT promote Bicycle riding activities to serve all bicycle riders in our campus.

Safety In All We Do

KMUTT provide a pilot model and best practice on safety management system and promote to implement the safety management system for all staff students, and communities surrounding.